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Parker Coffin



Q & A

Do Aliens Exist?

There's gotta be some other type of life out there in this infinite Galaxy.

Last wish you made that came true?

I wish for safe flights all the time. I'm pretty scared of flying

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

Seymour Butts

Tell me about how you spend your Sundays

Drink coffee and cook a biggggg breakfast. Or if the waves are good go surf

Have you ever hitchhiked? Explain

All the time as a kid. I would go to Hawaii without a car and hitch hike everywhere. Still have friends to this day that I first met from hitch hiking

Tell about your first date

Somehow was painless. Decided to randomly take her to sushi and found out it was her favorite food and she still goes there haha. At the beginning was a little awkward but then we got it going. Even got a kiss out of the first date !!!!

What’s your relationship like with fortune cookies?

Somehow I think they perfectly write them all to be applicable to everybody... But hey I still read them. And if I get one that I'm super stoked on then I save it ! Got a few in my wallet

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with?

Safe to say that the Rolling Stones would have been a cool one

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