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Shift into Neutral

It’s common knowledge around the campfire that VonZipper is for lovers… Our passion for designing innovative goggles is equal only to our never-ending desire to get out of the office and breath it all in. Truth be told, VZ has the hots for Mother Nature… So much in fact, we hug trees on a daily basis. It’s with that embrace in mind; we’re launching Shift Into Neutral – a collection of goggles that are constructed using a 50% recycled TPU frame, lined with a Bamboo Rayon polar fleece face foam, and goggle strap. Minimally packaged, including an organic cotton goggle bag, is our way of reducing our footprint… So you can shred freshies all day long. It’s VonZipper’s way of leaving the bunny slope better than we found it. Like all relationships, we understand that our efforts are not perfect – but it’s a step in the right direction and something we are proud of. For now it’s one product at a time, not a one-night stand. Come on… Let’s hug it out.

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